Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taoist Sexology Secrets: The Tao of Tantric Sex

I had a girlfriend, Ashley, who knew what was happening in each of her friends' lives. She was not a busy-body. She was not nosey. She was loved by her friends.

She loved her friends so much that all of her attention was always weaving through their lives in a nurturing and caring way. Her friends could feel it. Before any of them needed anything, she was there waiting for them. She was beautiful.

Oddly, since all of her attention was on her friends, she spent none of her attention on herself. She was completely in the dark about anything that had to do with her own life. She didn't know when her auto registration renewal was due. She didn't know when her period was. She didn't know that when she had a headache behind her forehead, all she had to do is massage inside her knees and elbows.

She didn't know anything about her own body. But how could she? Most parents are so ashamed of their bodies that they never pass on accumulated knowledge.

This Premium Video Lesson on "Taoist Sexual Reflexology," will explain how the body works. Biologists do not know these secrets. Doctors do not know these secrets. Gynocologists do not know these secrets either. This is because everyone exclusively studies parts of the elephant. We are going to look at the forest that elephants play within. This is beyond tantric sex. This is the secret lesson on Taoist Sexual Reflexology. Continued:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love Spell Tantric Sex - When you are most vulnerable to falling in love

ड्यू Due to the heavy volume of requests for when men and women are most vulnerable to the "love spell meditation" I have posted the secret here with no other links inward. So you're most likely here because I've personally sent you an email.

Well, as mentioned, you can talk to any acupuncturist who have yin/yang five element training and ask for the pulse reading technique. Just ask to learn how to tell how high a man or woman's "jung-ryuk" or roughly translated is libito chi.

Besides this, with men, it's easier to tell than with women. With men, to know when their jung-ryuk is highest, they must have had no seminal emissions for atleast 3 days. After a seminal emission, a man looses all his sexual chi. This is why he falls asleep immediately. His kidneys and chi are drained.

The signs telling you when a man has a high volume of stored sex chi and semen are:
1. he is agressive
2. he speaks more loudly than normal
3. he brags
4. he drinks more than normal
5. he stares at women
6. he is defensive (try talking to him about a fault of his)

For women, you can either determine the date of their ovulation or their menstrual cycle and add 14 days.

The signs that a woman is ovulating are:
1. She is more tactile and touchy than normal
2. She looks you in the eyes longer than normal
3. She has rosy cheeks
4. She drinks more than normal
5. She is giggly or seductive (opposites of the same yin/yang cycle)
6. She actually accepts an evening date

A woman's menstruation date can be determined by these signs:
1. She wears dark clothes
2. She drinks less
3. She is low in energy
4. She takes a purse with her to the restroom at a restaurant
5. She comes back with no visible change to her hair or makeup
6. She drinks more water
7. She craves spinach

Otherwise, you can also reference the menstrual date of another woman whom she lived with for more than 5-10 years. Women's menstrual cycles syncronise over time so if you know the date of one woman, you know all their menstrual dates if they've lived closely and have the same stress level.

So just add 14 days to this date and you have her ovulation date.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kama Sutra Sex How to Give Multiple Orgasms to a Woman

How to Give Multiple Orgasms to a Woman MP3 File - $19.00
It is not true that some woman are multi-orgasmic and others are not. These 2 groups of women only use their sexual energy differently. If a multi-orgasmic woman spends all of her sexual CHI or Qi or Energy, then she will simply not have another orgasm until her "dan tien" or energy vessle is refilled.

Learn how to reopen her 7 chakras for sexual energy and refill her DAN TIEN with sexual CHI to give a woman multiple orgasms. Your female partner may develop an unusual addiction to you.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tantra Kama Sutra Sex For Men: How to Have Multiple Orgasms Part 1

For Men: How to Have Multiple Orgasms Part 1
Enabling a man to have multiple orgasms and keep his erection even after orgasm is simple. The problem is that learning how to do this is elusive. Many components are involved including, Tai Chi Breathing, Meditation, Chi Guiding, and finally Physical Stimulation. But we will start somewhere simple.

The answer begins with the corpus cavernosum urethræ. As a man, Yourself and your partner can practice this. After erect, stroke the kidney reflexology region of the penis at the same rate as your pulse (see illustration below... Tantra Sex ).

This will raise your pulse. You will also want the rest of your penis to be stimulated. When your pulse is as high as it can get without accellerating, move up to the liver region (the bottom half of erect penis) and repeat.

Finally, when you just cant take any more, move up to rub from the liver region to the stomach region. Do not touch the bulb or head of the penis. And stop rubbing the kidney part of the penis. Remember, you are ONLY rubbing the corpus cavernosum urethræ.

This lesson will teach the man to have an orgasm without contact to the head of the penis. This is anologous to a G-Spot Orgasm for a woman where the clitoris is NOT stimulated. The rubbing of the kidney part of the penis and the bulb will create higher ejaculation pressure. So avoiding those areas will help train you to distance your orgasm from your ejaculations.

Distancing and seperating your orgasm from your ejaculations is necessary because you will begin to learn how to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. To Learn this ancient Taoist technique and deliver unusual pleasure to your partner, simply order the two part lecture for $19.00:

Taoist Sex Secrets Kama Sutra Tantra from Asia

How to Experience Transcendental Sex - Taoist and Tantric SexHow to Experience Transcendental Sex - Taoist and Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex - How to Have Transcendental Sex - $19 Premium Content

To experience everything on earth can require many lifetimes. To shorten the process of birth and rebirth into flesh or just the process of regretting missing out on life, You've got to get to a point where you can truly say, "I've done it all." Among those that have said this are Abraham and Solomon.

So to have a complete and full earthly carnal experience, there's a lot to learn and a lot more to do. Learning how to have explosive karmic sex is not a shabby place to go from here. Transcendental Sex is as much a spiritual experience as it is a physical one.

These esoteric sex teachings have the effect of bonding mates with a spiritual bond that exceeds the normal bonds of attraction common today. An interchange of energy occurs where you and your mate practice chi or pranic sex. This energy is the same energy that fuels intuition. You will begin to understand each other and empathise with each other in ways that bring the two of you together closer than you thought was humanly possible. Some couples report that they being to develop a "sixth sense" about what the other feels.

The only downside to Transcendental Chi / Prana Sex is that splitting up with a mate you've fused with becomes intensely painful.

Learning how to use the interconnectedness of the genitals and reproductive organs against your vital organs is an ancient secret. Zen and Taoist masters would only pass these secrets along to disciples who would be able to master these and not become addicted to these new powers.

So if you decide to listen to the Secret of Transcendental Sex, Be Warned and Be Conservative: